Samsung announced on Monday that it will sell some Note 7 smartphones, which were called for “security reasons” due to the refurbished devices in an effort to manage their reserves in an “environmentally friendly” manner.

South Korean company, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, has said that it will sell the Note 7 as “new phones or renter phones” after consulting the regulators in various brands.

Samsung reminded the four million flagship smartphones that the batteries could heat up and flutter in flames. Authorities in the US and other places banned the device from using aircraft and also kept in checked

After the investigation, Samsung blamed faulty batteries for the problem in January. So far, Samsung’s plans were not clear for the recall phones, which could create an environmental hazard when handled as a garbage.

A statement from Samsung states that the equipment used by companies specializing in recycling will be recycled and processed “eco-friendly, with recycling tools and devices for the reduction of devices for the metals”.

“In relation to Galaxy Note 7 devices, as a phone or renter phone, applicability is dependent on regulatory authorities and carriers as well as considering local demand.” “The date of the market and release will be determined accordingly.”note-7-800x420

Welcoming the move, the activist group Greenpeace said that it came in response to months of publicity and protests while addressing the environmental impact of memories.
Judge Lee of Greenpeace East Asia said, “People around the world signed petitions, emailed Samsung’s CEO, performed in cities around the world, and finally Samsung heard.”
“This is a great victory for everyone, who has acted, and the way we produce and is a step in the disposal of electronics.”

But John Dawson of Jacko Research said that this decision “seems like a big disturbance” for Samsung because it launches its latest flagship handset this week.

“As far as the desire to reduce the environmental impact is appreciable and Samsung will not be financially benefitted from the phone’s renewal, it would be better that it would have been basically saying this and completely Will abandon the line and only reload the parts, “said Dawson in a blog post Greenpeace said that it will suppress Samsung for a detailed timeline on its efforts and will increase its campaign to improve recycling and improve the handling of dangerous smartphone waste by other manufacturers.


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