nokia-3310Blast-to-the-past feature phone is now ready for a massive European launch this coming week, and it can be used by most fans as a second (or perhaps third) device. But what is the price? According to the latest information, Nokia 3310 was originally announced a few months ago by HMD Global originally.

Suggested retail price of Nokia 3310 was set at € 49. Although this is a feature phone, the new version of Nokia 3310 is the breath of fresh air for brand fans who were ready to buy it for use as their second phone.

However, it seems that many European markets have put a different price on Nokia 3310 (2017), which is a bit higher than HMD Global’s few months ago.

For example in Austria, the device will start from April 28 to 59 €, but some other retailers could ax the price and instead of 53% offer a surprise because in Sweden, because of a domestic retailer phone There is a plan to release 3G compatible version (!), Not less than € 93, in Germany, the device is expected to sell for 58 € but the device is not available until April 28th. Will hit.


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